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Jan. 14th, 2009

A freaking ninja

(no subject)


Aina, where are you? Are you alright?

[Filtered from Aina//Unhackable]

As sad as it may be to loose a life....as tragic as this may be, this might be the only chance to get some answers. I have a feeling that this is not over....not yet.

I will offer what help I can, however I will not be much use in sorting through the rubble nor will I be of much use putting out any fires that might have ignited. Having only one arm to work with is.....a handicap that way.

[Private-75% Hackable// Completely Unhackable to the .hack folks]

I wonder.....what will become of us now? Will I be able to find the truth that is hidden in this city? How are they able to block 'it'? How is it that I am here, in this body? Why were we all brought here? And these series of events....I doubt any of it is random. Is this an experiment? Conflict? Reconstruction? Now, I feel, the door has cracked.

If needed, I will lead anyone who will follow through the crack and find everything out.

Jan. 10th, 2009


003- And I have a Maniacal Genius Problem [TEXT]

....I see the juvenile behavior has stopped for the moment. That is good. It's a start, I suppose.

Perhaps I should introduce myself properly. My name is Ovan. I am from [The World], a massively online multiplayer game that is more than just a game. I am the former leader of the guild, theTwilight Brigade. I am the older brother to Aina. That's all that there is to me.

If anyone has any information gathered about this place, perhaps you would be willing to let me look at it? I shall try to make it worth your while, if possible.

To those of you in charge, I'm curious........What's being done about these....zombies? 

Jan. 1st, 2009


002- Haunted by Our Sins ~Accidental~ [Voice; Japanese]

......It's the new year? How ironic to be celebrating the 'new year' in this body, celebrating a year that long since passed.

[The sound of shuffling is heard as Ovan gasps. Something is knocked over with a loud clatter. His tone is tortured, pained, wracked with guilt.]

No....you can't be here...

......I'm sorry......but you're not here now.....you're back there, waiting...

I'm sorry.......so sorry......but I will save you.....Aina....

Dec. 28th, 2008

Standing in your path//IGNORE

001-A New World [Voice; Japanese]

[The sounds of lonely footsteps echo out over the communicators. But at the same time, the sound of metal hitting metal clinks lightly in the background. A man gasp, and hmms for a second before speaking out, in a measure calm voice]

This doesn't appear to be any place in [The World] that I know of.....perhaps...no, it doesn't feel like it at all...

How interesting. I am in a strange place that I have no prior knowledge of. I can't interact with the game menus and.....
Ahhh, how very interesting indeed....such a strange place that I have wound up in now. Well, I suppose its time.

[The communicator's video function turns on and shows the face of a man with the glimmer of orange sunglasses. His face leans close to the communicator as he speaks in a powerful voice]

Hello world.


(no subject)


Dec. 2nd, 2008

A freaking ninja


Please remove Ovan ( guidetouprising  ) from your friend's lists. I plan to reuse this journal eventually.

Sep. 16th, 2008


40: The Guide Feel Frustrated

It appears that I have been silent for quite some time. Then again...when one does not have anything to talk about, what should he say?

....I propose a conversation topic. There are many people from many worlds here and I am curious as to ask about what you have that could be considered a 'religion'. Discuss.

[Private To Ovan's Codes//Unhackable]

The pieces refuse to get into place properly. The plan is getting set back.

Aug. 5th, 2008

A freaking ninja

39: The Guide is not a Handyman

 I won't restate what you've all been saying already. This is annoying and I have been taking care of where I step. Aina, you do the same. 

On that note, does anyone know if there is any tools and wood we could use to make a temporary floor in some of the more affected areas?

It seems Aura is gone......

She was too good for this place. I'm glad to see she returned home.

[Private to Lelouch, Rizelle, and Kallen(The Mansion Killers) ]

Lelouch, Kallen. You'll be recieving an email with file attached. Upload it and you'll recieve my specially made privacy codes. No one should be able to hack it.

Also, I've been keeping track of this 'Rolo' for some time. If you need anything about that situation....just ask.

Now, we should discuss how to turn this situation to our advantage in our plan. 

[Private to Rizelle(Not viewable to Lulu/Kallen)-OVAN'S CODES//Unhackable]
Do not inform them of your observational skills. Against Lelouch....I'll need one card in my hand he doesn't know about.

Jul. 16th, 2008

A freaking ninja

38: The Whether Guide


As others have previously stated, I believe this to only be a calm before a much more terrible storm. However, even if this is true, that does not mean we should live in fear of that storm. Rather, we should enjoy our reprieve from the hetic way the manor can be during an event. 

So, enjoy your peace while you can before the next step of our endless waltz begins.

And it appears that we have missed celebrating the Oban Festival yesterday.....my apologies, ancestors.

Jul. 6th, 2008

Standing in your path//IGNORE

37: The Guide Is Telling You Off

Just out of curiosity, manor guests, what is your favorite and least favorit things about being here. Consider it a survey.

Oh, and Kite? Please refrain from using Data Drain inside the manor again.

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